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Privacy Notice
We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy. Here are what we do:
  • Personal Information
    1. When a user enters IDM Store website, personal information such as name or e-mail address is not required. Unless you want to become a member, IDM Store will not attempt to acquire any information from user without user¡¦s awareness.
    2. IDM Store website will record user¡¦s IP address and viewing records. However, this information is only used for traffic and usage behavior analysis to improve our service quality.
    3. In some cases such as a users want to register, subscribe to newsletter or attend other events, IDM Store might ask users to login with their personal data in order to communicate, complete transaction, provide services or complete subscription procedure. In these cases, IDM Store will let users know their responsibility. If users choose not to accept any newsletter, IDM Store will respect and not send any newsletter to them.
  • Using personal information
    1. The personal information acquired by IDM Store will only be internally used in IDM Store as the description of how IDM Store uses personal information. Unless announced in advance, IDM Store will not provide users¡¦ personal information to any third party or use it for any other purpose.
  • Cookie
    1. For the convenience, some web pages of IDM Store might use cookie technology to provide service that is more suitable to personal usage. Cookie is a technology that a web server uses to communicate with its users. It might save some information in users¡¦ computer. However, users can easily configure, delete, or limit such functions though browsers.
  • Data Security
    1. To protect your personal privacy and security, all your information in your IDM Store account is protected by password.
    2. In some cases, IDM Store uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer) 128bit encryption data transmission mechanism to protect your data during transmission.
  • Links
    1. All web pages in IDM Store might contain links to other websites or web pages. Those linked web sites or web pages, which do not belong to IDM Store, regardless of their contents and privacy policies, are not related to IDM Store.
  • Modification of personal account and data:
    1. Users can modify the setting or data in their own account at IDM Store including stopping the subscription of newsletter, AD and others.