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This FSR comes with an adapter board already attached for convenience. Measures up to 2 kg of force.

Thin Force Sensor

This FSR comes with an adapter board already attached for convenience. Measures up to 2 kg of force.

With its paper-thin construction, flexibility and force measurement ability, the Thin Force sensor can measure force between almost any two surfaces, up to 2 kg.
To ensure the most accuracy, a small disc (included) can be placed directly on the sensing pad before applying force to the disc. This will ensure that all the force is applied directly to the sensing pad and not to the surrounding surface.
Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) are very thin, robust, polymer thick film (PTF) devices that decrease in resistance when increased pressure is applied to the surface of the sensor. FSRs are not a load cell or strain gauge devices though they have many similar properties.
They are more appropriate for qualitative rather than precision measurements.

Comes Packaged with:
3002 V 60cm Sensor Cable
2 Rubber discs (Diameter: 12.7mmm; Height 2m)

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If you need more accuracy or you want to measure forces over 2kg, have a look at the 1120 - FlexiForce Adapter.

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Force Sensitive Resistor
Sensor Output Type Ratiometric
Force Min 1 N
Force Max 20 N
Measurement Error Max 10 %

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Min 2.6 mA
Output Impedance 3.3 k[
Supply Voltage Min 4.5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5.3 V DC

Physical Properties

Sensing Area 126.7 mm2
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 105 °C
Lifespan 10 million actuations

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  • FlexiForce FAQs

  • FlexiForce User Manual

  • Before using your FlexiForce Sensor we recommend that you read the Flexiforce FAQs and User Manual paying special attention to Calibration and Conditioning.

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