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The core of our new product line.

VINT Hub Phidget

The core of our product line, the USB VINT Hub has 6 VINT ports allowing for endless possibilities for USB sensing and control.

If you place an order with Phidgets, it's very likely you'll want a VINT Hub Phidget to tie it all together.

 HUB0000 scale HUB0000 VINT Device

 HUB0000 Analog Sensor HUB0000 Digital Input HUB0000 Digital Output

Six Versatile I/O Ports

With a VINT Hub Phidget, you can interface six devices to your computer through a single USB port. Each VINT port can perform one of four roles: Communicating with an intelligent VINT Device, reading a 0-5V Voltage or ratiometric sensor, acting as a digital output, or reading switches as a digital input. Each port has a power and ground pin, so you can also use the ports to gain access to the USB voltage supply directly.

Plug in one of our many VINT-enabled Phidgets that perform a wide variety of functions. Control motors and LEDs, measure temperature or motion, or build a large scale system with many inputs and outputs.

Easy to Use

VINT Devices are 'plug and program': automatically discovered by the Phidget API with the same ease of programming you've come to expect from Phidgets. Each VINT device has a full API with functions and events to make programming a snap.

Analog Sensor Compatible

Sometimes, you just need a few simple analog voltage sensors. Luckily, your collection of Phidget Analog Input sensors is not obsolete; each port on the USB VINT Hub can interface a 0-5V sensor. The VINT Port is backwards compatible with both ratiometric and non-ratiometric Phidget analog sensors.

Digital I/O Mode

In digital output mode, a VINT port can be used to drive LEDs, relays, digital circuits, and other simple electronics. Each port is PWM-enabled, allowing you to dim LEDs to a specific brightness.

Wire a switch or sensor contact directly into a VINT Port, and use the Digital Input mode to read the state of the switch.

If you need more than six inputs or outputs, you can expand by attaching a VINT I/O module. For example, there are VINT digital output modules with 16 outputs, allowing 96 digital outputs on a single VINT HUB Phidget!

  • Sorting Coloured Beads
  • Addressing Many Phidgets

  • Board

    Controlled By USB (Mini-USB)
    Number of VINT Ports 6

    Electrical Properties

    USB Voltage Min 4.5 V DC
    USB Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
    USB Speed High Speed
    Current Consumption Min 32.5 mA
    Available External Current 470 mA

    Voltage Inputs

    Voltage Input Resolution * 16 bit
    Sensor Input Impedance 324 kΩ
    Input Voltage Min (DC) 0 V DC
    Input Voltage Max (DC) 5 V DC
    Voltage Input Noise ± 630 µV DC
    Sampling Interval Max 60 s/sample
    Number of Voltage Inputs 6 (Shared)
    Sampling Interval Min 1 ms/sample

    Digital Inputs

    Pull-up Resistance 124kΩ
    Low Voltage Max (True) 1 V DC
    High Voltage Min (False) 1.8 V DC
    Low Voltage Trigger Length Min 3 ms
    High Voltage Trigger Length Min 3 ms
    Digital Input Voltage Max 5.5 V DC
    Digital Input Type Switch (Active Low)
    Number of Digital Inputs 6(Shared)

    Digital Outputs

    Series Resistance 300 Ω
    Digital Output Available Current 8.1 mA
    Digital Output Voltage Min 0 V DC
    Digital Output Voltage Max 3.3 V DC
    PWM Frequency Max 50 kHz
    PWM Resolution 0.8 %
    Number of Digital Outputs 6 (Shared)

    Physical Properties

    Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 85°C

    Software Objects:
    Channel Name API Channel Hub Port
    Hub Port - Digital Input Mode
    Digital Input DigitalInput 0 0 - 5
    Hub Port - Digital Output Mode
    Digital Output DigitalOutput 0 0 - 5
    Hub Port - Voltage Input Mode
    Voltage Input VoltageInput 0 0 - 5
    Hub Port - Voltage Ratio Mode
    Voltage Ratio Input VoltageRatioInput 0 0 - 5
    6-Port USB VINT Hub Phidget
    VINT Hub Hub 0  

  • API
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  • This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 August, 2018.
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