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  • 1. You may click on ¡§My Account¡¨ located at the second button from the right of the top red function bar on any page at any time. Then, click on ¡§Continue¡¨ in the ¡¥New Customer¡¦ dialogue and follow the instruction to register.
  • 2. After entering ¡§My Account¡¨ page, please type in your personal data. In order to let us serve you well, please make sure all data in the area marked * are completed correctly.
  • 3. When all of your data are entered, please click on ¡§Continue¡¨ at the bottom. If you enter the page showing “Your Account Has Been Created!”, then you are done with the registering and you may begin to enjoy you shopping on this website at any time anywhere. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with a subject, ¡¨ Welcome to IDM Store¡¨, from us right after your registration is completed. (Sometimes, you will probably encounter a popup dialogue showing an error message, “Errors have occurred ¡K”. Please do not panic, just do as the dialogue instructs you, then you can be done easily.)

  • Condition

    We serve our customers and provide a convenient online shopping environment according to the following conditions. When you shop at our store, it means you accept the following conditions. Please allow us to invite you to read them.

    Our store reserves the right to modify web content and policy at any time without notice. Please do not use this web site in any way if you do not agree this preset condition.

    All the photos, description, information, explanation, applications or examples are for the purpose of guidance. Though we have done our best to provide you the best information, we will not guarantee their accuracy.

    All products we sell are in good and reliable conditions. However, we hope to remind you that please do not use products on the applications which would have the probability of damaging or hurting others when error occurs.

    Users are responsible for the use and manipulation of the products so please use the products with caution.

    We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you can enjoy the products and be successful with your project development.