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PhidgetBridge 4-Input

PhidgetBridge 4-Input

This board is needed to measure the output from a load cell. You can connect up to four load cells or strain gauges.

Note: The 1046_0B is identical to the 1046_0, except that it comes pre-assembled in a plastic shell enclosure and you have the option of which length of USB cable you want to include.

The PhidgetBridge lets you connect up to 4 un-amplified Wheatstone bridges, such as:

  • Strain gauges

  • Compression load cells

  • Pressure sensors/Barometers

  • Piezoresistive accelerometers

  • Magnetoresistive sensors (Compasses)




    Controlled By USB (Mini-USB)
    API Object Name Bridge
    Number of Bridge Inputs 4
    Bridge Data Rate Min * 8 ms
    Bridge Data Rate Max 1000 ms
    Bridge Input Current Max ± 3 nA
    Differential Voltage Resolution 24 bit

    Electrical Properties

    USB Voltage Min 4.5 V DC
    USB Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
    USB Speed Full Speed
    Current Consumption Min 35 mA
    Current Consumption Max 500 mA
    Available External Current 465 mA
    Input Voltage Limit Min Ground + 0.25V DC
    Input Voltage Limit Max 5V Supply - 0.25V DC

    Physical Properties

    Recommended Wire Size 16-26 AWG
    Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 85°C

    *The minimum data rate is 8ms though the board has a maximum sample rate of 122 samples a second (slightly less than the 125 an 8ms rate would have you believe).

    Software Objects:
    Channel Name API Channel
    Bridge Input VoltageRatioInput 0 - 3

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