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This heavy duty DC actuator has a stroke length of 150mm with a peak force of 350N and a peak speed of 24 mm/s.

DC Linear Actuator L16-50-35-12-P

his DC actuator has a stroke length of 50mm with a peak force of 50N and a peak speed of 32 mm/s.

The Firgelli L16 series of linear actuators are compact DC motors geared to push or pull loads along the stroke of the actuator. This actuator comes with a built-in potentiometer, allowing your application to monitor the actuator's position.

The 3570 linear actuator has a stroke length of 50mm and a 35:1 gearbox. It is able to move at a rate of 32 mm/s and can exert up to 50N of force at lower speeds.

Comes Packaged with:

  • Two mounting clamps
  • Two mounting brackets
  • Two rod end options: a clevis end and a threaded end with nut

  • Controllers:

    The 3570 DC linear actuator connects to either of the following controllers:

  • 1064 - PhidgetMotorControl HC
  • 1065 - PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor

  • In order to connect this actuator to a terminal block, you'll need to cut off the 5-pin connector and strip the wires.
    If you decide to use the 1065, you can connect the integrated potentiometer by soldering the wires to a sensor cable and connecting it to one of the board's analog inputs. If you decide to use the 1064, you'll also need a device with an analog input to read the potentiometer.


    Wire Color Function
    Orange Potentiometer Ground
    Purple Potentiometer Wiper
    Red Actuator Motor Power
    Black Actuator Motor Power
    Yellow Potentiometer Power

    Motor Properties

    Motor Type DC Motor
    Stroke Length 50 mm
    Maximum Speed 32 mm/s
    Peak Power Point (@ 16 mm/s) 50 N
    Peak Efficiency Point (@ 24 mm/s) 24 N
    Gear Ratio 35:1
    Positional Error Max 300 gm

    Physical Properties

    Rated Voltage 12 V DC
    Potentiometer Impedance 9 k Ohm

    Electrical Properties

    Gear Train Material Metal
    Backdrive Force 31 N
    Side Force Max 40 N
    Wire Length 350 mm
    Weight 56 g
    Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 50 °C
    IP Rating IP54

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